"In These Places" on display at the Bob Prittie Library in Burnaby BC.

This body of work explores identity, sexuality and our sense of home and environment. I think of them as glimpses into other little worlds, full of mystery and intricate details. The forms within these worlds are seen without any personal details - no hands, feet, faces or heads. Nothing to distinguish them from eachother, and nothing to allow them to create or make an impact. In spite of this, they seem to flourish within these mysterious realms.

Work is available for purchase. If interested please email me for pricing and information:

"A Meeting Place"
"Fainting Space"
"Lost In A Forest"
"In This Place I Was Divided"
"Through the Arches"
"In These Places"
"Burning Up"
"Cloaked & Empty"
"Color Vision"
"Protection Circle"
"In This Place I Was Reaching"
"Down We Go"
"It Appeared Before My Eyes"
"Under Beams"
Mural at The Number Creative, part of Concrete Canvas, Victoria BC.