'Spirits, Spirits, Go Away'

This piece is inspired by the Bulgarian traditional belief that bells and noise will drive evil spirits out of towns. Or maybe it can help cleanse you of your own.

'Spirits, Spirits, Go Away' / 5x7, Acrylagouache on watercolor paper, mounted on black paper.

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Was sent some images from the guys at Is This Menswear? of one of my pieces up in their shop. They have curated an event called Art? which is their winter group exhibition of artwork that they have collected over the years. Glad to have some of my work alongside other talented local artists.

You can view all of the event information here.

You can view the work that will be part of the exhibition here.

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PAPER PRESENTS - Works on paper & printed matter.

I was happy to be included, alongside a handful of other talented artists, in the group show PAPER PRESENTS: works on paper and printed matter recently at the Gam Gallery in Vancouver.

The show will run until December 20th, and is full of fun works on paper and printed matter that are available just in time for the holiday season! Below are some images of my pieces that I have in the show.

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Happy to be included into the Art Rebels family recently, which is an online shopping cart and store for artists around the world! You can take a look at my shop here.

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Art at home.

One of the nicest feelings, in my opinion at least, is seeing your art in the home of the people who bought it. I thought I would share a post with some recent pictures of work nestled in the houses of friends, and in some cases, alongside artwork done by friends as well. 

My work beside a cute portrait done by the lovely Coreena Lewis (above)

In good company beside some works by Luke Ramsey. 

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Before recently relocating, I had the pleasure of working with the guys who run Is This Menswear?, which is a locally designed and made on the beautiful coast of British Columbia, and was lucky enough to be their first art show in their new space. This show was something that brought me outside of my comfort zone. The images weren't defined objects. The lines weren't controlled or slow.

The palettes are about process. They are a byproduct of creating, an appreciation of color. There is no hidden meaning, they are just beautiful colors playing together. 

Below are some images that Iain took of the Palettes in the shop. 

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New beginnings.

A new website and new blog, calls for what's new and exciting. This image, along with a few others, are part of The Gam Gallery's current exhibition Paper Presents, which will run until November 28th. 


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